Competitive Intelligence Workbook

Competitive Intelligence Workbook: Know your competitors, track their activities, plan your strategy is now re-published (Kim Burkhardt, author – 2001, 2019).  Originally published as a book-and-CD publication, it is now republished in CD format.  Order here.

CI Workbook

In the years following the original publication, this book has been used by companies in numerous countries used as a university textbook in the U.S., England, and Israel.


About Competitive Intelligence Workbook

Competitive Intelligence Workbook satisfies a niche within competitive intelligence publications.  Other CI resources primarily consist of narrative “where & how to find information and how to analyze it” books and expensive information-management software.  When I ran Burkhardt Research Services, I decided to complement those resources by writing an affordable and practical how-to book showing how to organize and present information that has been acquired about the competitive business environment.

Competitive Intelligence Workbook is a collection of ready-made printable forms that allow firms to organize, understand, and present competitive market activity.   Included are ready-to-use forms across a number of categories: written narrative reports about competitors and competitive industry dynamics, reports about individual competitors, industry profiles about current competitors, potential new competitive threats, industry snapshots, market forces, and more.

This book/CD allows you to “use” and re-use the organize-and-present-CI-data forms on your PC (multiple e-formats, including Microsoft Word). Thus, you can electronically distribute the completed forms as presentations to your staff.  There is nothing to install. The CD uses the default system browser settings to allow you to “browse” the publication in the same way that you “browse” the Internet and view web pages – except that you don’t go online or connect to the World Wide Web.

ISBN 0-9689431-0-1

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