Current Research

We have a track record of delivering results for individual clients.

We also study topics of public interest.

Study: Online Meetings. In January, 2021, Burkhardt & Co. conducted exploratory research into people’s views about online meetings (Zoom, Teams, etc.). This interest was driven our interest in “Zoom fatigue.” Our preliminary findings – which suggest that people will continue using online meetings even after COVID despite some people feeling fatigued – can be read here: Views about Online Meetings. Watch for further analysis soon!

Pew Research Center is also conducting surveys about the public’s usage of – and views – about online meetings. Two published studies include Americans Turn to Technology during COVID-10 Outbreak and Even in industries where majorities can telework…….

An editor at LinkedIn did a recent poll about whether people are still “keeping up appearances” during Zoom calls.

Research: Other Topics. Burkhardt & Co. is currently developing studies on to other topics currently relevant – we’ll let you know!