Feasibility Studies

Renton Library

Feasibility studies methodically identify the viability and pathway of projects and programs.  Bring your next feasibility study to us; you will receive insightful results.

Feasibility Study: Projects

Evaluate the feasibility of a potential project.  Determine whether internal resource capabilities and external market opportunities justify project development.  Project planning is also an option.

Feasibility Study: Market Expansion

Identify if, where, and how to expand your company – and its’ products and services – into new markets and geographic regions.

Feasibility Study: Programs

When you are considering whether – or how – to develop or expand one of your programs, come to us.  Burkhardt & Co. will evaluate the viability and/or approach to program development/expansion.

Examples of completed studies:

  • An engineering client wanted to expand into new geographic regions.   They came to us for insight into on where to expand.  We quantified the market size of regional geographic regions, the relative age of buildings in each region, the competitive forces of existing engineering firms in each region, regulatory conditions around the nation, etc. – resulting in a combined ranking of five metropolitan cities “most ripe” for more engineering competition.
  • More examples pending.


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