Small Business, Self-Employment Coaching

Small business is big business.  “Small establishments [i.e., businesses with fewer than 100 employees] make up over 97 percent of all establishments in the nation” (source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics).   “Entrepreneurship plays a vital role in the growth of the U.S. economy” (source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics). 

Small business ownership (including micro-business and consulting) is a means to successful employment (sometimes, additional employment) for numerous individuals.  A means toward achieving income, self-agency, and personal success.

When micro-business entrepreneurship – self-employment – is the means for taking charge of your career and when you are ready to grow to the next level, I provide the mental clarity and management necessary for business development.  

Running a small business is an entrepreneurial approach to earning income – offer what you can provide – value – to customers and clients.

Individuals often view small business ownership favorably (“I can be an entrepreneur,” “entrepreneurship is the way into the middle class,” “I can be my own boss”) or with trepidation (“self-employment is scary,” “it’s not a real job,” or “the income may not be stable”).  Small business ownership is possible; it requires both preparation and having something to offer for which clients or customers are prepared to pay you.

Work with me to explore self-employment and to build the skills and resources to become gainfully self-employed. 

I am an MBA; my experience in market research consulting and teaching college business courses make me the right fit to offer self-employment coaching.  An added bonus is my established network of consultants in numerous industries and cities – I can connect you with additional resources when appropriate.  Read more from me about small business here.  Contact me.

Consider small business ownership if you are one of the following:

Individuals with a Business Idea

How entrepreneurs find opportunity (Harvard Business Review)


Why older women will rule the world (NBC News)

Non-Corporate Types

Some people “don’t fit in” in the corporate environment.  If that’s you, build your own employment.

People Who have been Downsized

Have you been downsized?  Uncomfortable having your employment fate dictated by someone else?  Consider whether you have skills that could successfully serve clients in a self-employment setting and whether you have the resources to move this forward.

Recessions and Retirement

Concerned you’ll be downsized in a recession?  Concerned you won’t have enough income in retirement?  Build a side-business to cushion your income anxieties.   There’s a real possibility you have skills or resources that could generate a side income.

Contact us to find out more about starting your own business.