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Burkhardt & Co. conducts research for clients of varying sizes across industries.  We take particular interest in two topics: Remote Work and Small Business.

Remote Work”  (WFH)

COVID-19 remarkably increased in the number of people who are working remotely – with some of that increase likely to be permanent.  

Some people find that remote working “works” for them and are joining the ranks of those for who find working-from-home to be an appealing option.  Yet, the networking opportunities and “workplace chatter” of the office are both useful and lacking at home.  Therefore, we are offering – and inviting remote workers to – Burkhardt & Co.’s Remote Work Chatroom.

Learn more about remote work via articles and resources curated by Burkhardt & Co.:

If you need support in the transition to working from home, contact us.



  • No commuting
  • Manage your own work environment
  • Enjoy your own company!



  • Be clear about employer expectations for work goals.  See Harvard Business Review’s relevant article.
  • Communicate, communicate, communicate.  Communicate with your employer and/or clients regularly.  This keeps you – and them – “in the loop” on everything from the status of projects to networking and industry news.
  • Create a routine.  Have a set work area at home and have a schedule.
  • “But I’m an extrovert.”  See plans to overcome social isolation, below.
  • Don’t experience social isolation:
    • Work occasionally at coffee shops (as feasible).  In some communities, there are coffee shops where “working remotely” individuals congregate – networking and socializing opportunities!  Remote workers go to coffee shops with varying degrees of frequency – from daily to once-in-awhile.
    • Engage in your employer’s virtual meetings
    • Participate in online meetings offered in your network (Zoom, etc.)
    • Attend professional networking events (industry associations, etc.)
    • Connect more actively with social networking platforms
    • Use your telephone.  Engage with personal social occasions to keep in touch with family and friends
    • Get out to local parks and libraries (“my lunch hour”)

Small Business

Burkhardt & Co. is currently developing content here to support small business.